Ups N Downs

A bit of spoiling is just what I needed…

And that is what I got last night from my man thankfully.

He knows just how to make me feel better when I am overwhelmed with all of life’s stresses…

Plenty of his cock… forcefully throat fucking me

Followed up with some deep “pussy pounding”

And if I thought that wasn’t enough to feel spoiled a full plate of nom nom Chinese food

*Nom Nom*

*Nom Nom*

Which I really needed and enjoyed cus I have been dropping weight like mad crazy and I am trying like hell to stop doing such *ugh (never had that issue before tee hee)

Damn, I am lucky… he sure does know how to take care of me.

I sure am a fucking cunt ass bitch for ever doubting him – God I hate my fucking head… (but I LOVE SEX did I mention that ever??)

Glad I do not act upon my horrid thoughts and just come here to vent (evil grins)

Oh, but we do role-play and shit gets pretty fucking wild there… speaking of which I am off to figure out who I am going to be by the time he returns.